Monday, March 23, 2009

Rag Week

These two poems, inspired by the goings-on of Rag Week 2007 while I attended the University of Limerick in Ireland, were published by my study abroad program's newsletter, winning me 20 Euro. A small reparation for putting up with rag week, but wonderful nonetheless.

Rag Week, Day One

Awakened by the sound of falsetto singing
I open the blinds to the early morning sun.
It is Aidan, drunk and having stayed up all night
Off to play tennis at 8am with a beer in each hand.
So this is Rag Week.

Rag Week, Day Five

On my walk to class amongst the broken glass
I stumble upon a trail of blood.
I follow it down the sidewalk to its source:
A lone tooth, abandoned on the pavement.
The price one pays for Rag Week.

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